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Stanza One: The Storm of Hammers

Stanza One: The Storm of Hammers

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The legend of the Stormhammer is one of Evertell's oldest tales. It goes back to before the first Cataclysm and stretches past the Collision of Worlds. It is a legend that started a long time ago amongst the Subarii; Evertell's most proud clan of warriors.

The legend begins with the introductory novella, Stanza One: The Storm of Hammers. This short, but action-filled, first installment of Timothy Morris' epic fantasy novella series tells the story of the liberation of the Gyvuu people from the clutches of Looria. Bayan's father, Olyn, with the help a famous female warrior named Cassandra Seriya, prepare to fight for to the death to set Olyn's people free. When the dust settles and the Gyvuu have a new home, the First of the Free, Bayan Stormhammer is born.

The Ballad of Bayan Stormhammer is an epic fantasy novella series created by Timothy Morris and published by TNM Publishing, LLC. 

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